A recent soil sampling conducted at Arnolds Park Amusement Park uncovered an unknown issue behind the seawall along the lakefront. Workers given the task of getting samples behind the seawall found that soil under the sidewalk had washed away over the years leaving a gap between the sidewalk and the ground.

Given the variety of traffic including motorized and pedestrian, the Park has taken the precaution of closing off the sidewalk from Lake Street to the new cul-de-sac on Zephyr Street on the west end of the amusement park property. “Safety is always our top priority, so we proactively closed those sections of the sidewalk as we assess the repair options.” Jeff Vierkant, CEO of Historic Arnolds Park, Inc. said. “We are pleased to have found the issue through the soil sampling, and before any potential accident might have occurred. We are now in the process of finding the best solution for the problem and getting it fixed. Engineers are being consulted to see what options exist,” Vierkant added.

The samples were being taken to see if there was another wall under the reconstructed wall and ensure the structural integrity of the boardwalk ahead of the of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes group’s significant investment in that area. “We are so grateful that this was found. Without the improvements going on at the park, this problem could have gone unnoticed for years and could have resulted in an accident,” stated Jill Harms, President of the HAPI Board of Directors.
Historic Arnolds Park asks for the public’s cooperation and understanding as we complete the assessment and repair of the seawall.