(KUOO) – From the roof garden to the waterfront, contractors have put a lot of work into beautifying the Iowa Great Lakes.

But what’s happened so far is only “phase one.” With their first major project complete, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes is about to embark on several more beautification projects this fall.

Terry Lutz, CEO of McClure Engineering, made the announcement last week during a meeting to update the public.

“There are four or five other projects that will be coming out of the ground this fall and next spring which include redevelop of the entire lake front and then the intersection where the nature center is on Highway 71; the intersection at the Kum ‘n Go in that pocket park; and then the last one is bridge park we call it, just south of the bridge. That park will be done as well.” said Lutz. “And then phase 2 will start at the end of next season. There will be about 5 to 6 other landscaping projects, and Lake Street here at the park will be done in that piece. And then we’ll also be starting the study on Highway 71.”

Lutz says representatives of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes will meet next week with D.O.T commissioners when they hold their monthly meeting at Arnolds Park to talk more about Highway 71 through the Lakes Corridor and the possibility of the agency footing half of the cost of a traffic study.

Imagine Iowa Great Lakes would pay the other half.

An anonymous donor group is funding the projects being put forth by Imagine Iowa Great Lakes.