(Arnolds Park)-Plans are underway to replace the paver bricks on the State Pier in Arnolds Park, KUOO’s Becky Thoreson has details:

 Historic Arnolds Park Amusement Park is working to replace the original donor paver bricks from the State Pier.

Marketing Director Paul Plumb says, the Park is working closely with Imagine Iowa Great Lakes as that group works to renovate the Pier.  “The Imagine group is doing that project out on the State Pier and our boardwalk, looking really nice right now.  They’ve been getting a lot of work done out there.  Those pavers that we pulled out, for those people who don’t know, we had pavers that people had purchased and put people’s names on or their own name on, those we pulled out and saved all those, and we have a couple of different options that we’re going to do with them.  We have them in storage right now, but we have a place in the Park that they can go, or if the person wants those back, they can go online and let us know that and get those bricks back if they don’t want them inside the Park.”

He adds that the original names will be engraved on new bricks.  “Those names will be engraved on new bricks that will go into the new design of The State Pier out there, just on new bricks, and also, some new bricks and paver options to be purchased, too on our website if you have interest in that.”

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