Call for locations!

Are you interested in hosting a piece of artist painted furniture at your business?
Imagine Iowa Great Lakes is looking for locations to host outdoor picnic tables, park benches, and Adirondack chairs which will be painted by regional artists this summer.

Applications are due by April 30, 2021

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Artist Painted Furniture

These fun, colorful and vibrant furnishings will provide seating and gathering places outside of local businesses, to be enjoyed by pedestrians, shoppers, diners, and bikers. The Imagine Iowa Great Lakes’ Mural Jury will select the artists, and the furniture will be painted during the annual Art in the Park event on August 14. The public will be able to watch the creation of these artworks and spot them later throughout the community. This year Imagine Iowa Great Lakes is providing furnishings for six total outdoor sites, focusing on community oriented, pedestrian friendly spaces that will be positively impacted by artist designed outdoor seating.

Imagine Iowa Great Lakes will select sites based on the following criteria:

  • Is the site prominent and visible to passersby?
  • Is the site publicly accessible to non-customers and would it be frequented by patrons, visitors, or employees as a gathering place or waiting area?
  • Will the business(es) adjacent to the site be positively impacted by artist painted furniture?
  • Does the site have adequate space available for placement of the artist painted furniture while maintaining ADA compliance for adjoining sidewalks?
  • Is the site well maintained and monitored?
  • Does the owner of the site give permission for the placement of the furniture?
  • Is there a safe, sheltered location to store the furniture during the winter months?