(Arnolds Park)– Another reminder of tomorrow’s (Sat.) ribbon cutting of the newly renovated State Pier in Arnolds Park. The attraction will also be dedicated in honor of the late Berkley Bedell as part of the ceremony, which begins at 11:30 am.

Michele Goodenow of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, which made the renovation possible, tells KUOO news the project was designed by a landscape architect with Beck Engineering of Spirit Lake…  

“Mike Fear laid out a couple of different designs and the Imagine board looked at them with the HAPI board and approved the design that we went with. There was a lot involved with all the local vendors that played a part in it, and just a lot of hard work. It was supposed to be done mid-July but that didn’t happen, so here we are celebrating on Labor Day weekend which is a great time to do it.”

KUOO will be broadcasting live from the state pier prior to the event, visiting with officials from Imagine Iowa Great Lakes, which made the renovation possible, and Tom Bedell.

The ribbon cutting and dedication will also be live streamed on the Explore Okoboji Facebook page. Again, it begins at 11:30 am tomorrow (Sat.) at the State Pier.