(Arnolds Park)-Imagine Iowa Great Lakes has announced that it is withdrawing it’s bid for the Okoboji Middle School Property.  In a press release, the nonprofit stated that it had contracted to purchase the Okoboji Middle School property in Arnolds Park in late July, but was withdrawing that bid.

According to the release, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes says their goal was to “further a strategic vision to guide beautification and enhancement efforts in the Okoboji area, specifically along the Highway 71 corridor.”

The press release says that the group’s goal of the purchase was to support the school district and the community in transitioning the property to the highest and best use of the site, details of which were still being developed. The press release states:  “With recent concerns about the sale price of the property raised in a community petition, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes is withdrawing its bid for the school property. It is not the goal of the group to own property or cause controversy; rather, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes seeks to unite and strengthen the community. The group never intended to profit from the school. To the contrary, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes intended to donate any profit derived from a future sale of the property back to the Okoboji Community School District. Moving forward, Imagine Iowa Great Lakes will support a potential new buyer of the school property to help achieve the greatest community impact. The group remains committed to enhancing the Okoboji area and believes that by working together the region will continue to prosper.”